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India, a country with its diversity across . Situated in the South of the Asian Continent . India is also known as Bhartiya Ganrajya .India has the Himalayas in the North , and Indian Ocean in the South. In the west, the north is Pakistan and in the south lies the Arabian Sea . In the East , the north has the Countries Nepal , China , Tibet , Bhutan , Bangladesh and the South has Bay Of Bengal . India is Divided into 4 zones , North , East , West & South , Every Zone has famous places to visit , has specialized cuisine , celebrates various Festivals


India,is divided into 4 zones , North , East , West & South . All the zones have different geographical conditions , Culture , Festivals , Traditions , Food and Places to visit . North India having the Capital Of India ( New Delhi ) is surrounded by Himalayas on the top , the famous tourist places in North India are the famous Golden Temple situated in Amritsar . The Golden Triangle ( New Delhi -The Capital Of India , Agra & Jaipur . The famous Festivals of North India are Holi , Raksha Bandhan , Dussehra , Diwali & Christmas .Read More..


India, as a country has a very rich culture , there are different locations , different communities , different rituals and different festivals . However in India , The famous festivals celebrated across are Lohri , Baisakhi , Holi , Raksha Bandhan , Eid ul Fitar , Durga Puja , Dussehra , Diwali , Bhai Duj and many more Diwali , also known as deepawali , is the famous festival of Hindus and is celebrated across India in different forms and styles .People decorate their homes with electric lights , Diyas and candles .Read More..


Since India is divided into four zones , let us explore the Four famous places across the zones . There are Four Metropolitan cities in India, New Delhi( Capital Of India ) based in the north zone, Mumbai ( Capital of Maharashtra) based in the west zone,Kolkata (Capital Of West Bengal )based in the east zone and Chennai ( Capital Of Tamil Nadu ) based in the South zone of the country . All the Four metropolitan cities are cosmopolitan in nature and really has diversity in all the forms .Read More..


India has a variety of cuisines from across the country , just like the vast diversity in the geography , festivals , people , culture , communities , Indian Cuisine also has various varieties from all the four zones . The cuisines are based on the availability of the local spices , vegetables , herbs and fruits .Indian Cuisine is also influenced by the communities , their traditions and culture . Also many cuisines are a blend of national and international taste since they were introduced in India by the foreign immigrants.Read More..